Friday, August 24, 2012

People Why not love a daughter?

A cute little girl write diary herself……
On 13th June I get emotionally involved with my mom
On 15th June I’m a hankie now.
On 30th June My mom said to dad you are going to be a dad.
My mom and dad are very cheerful at that split second.
On 15th July I had foods what my mom took.
On 15th September I can able to feel my heart beat.
On 14th October I have little legs, hands, head and tummy.
On 13th November my mom take ultra scan on that day.
WOW … wow….  I am a cute little girl baby!!!!
On 14th November I was dead
My mom and dad killed me.
Why they killed me??? Anybody know???
Because is it just I was girl!
Finally I want to raise one question to all 
People always love a mother, a wife and a girl friend in the world …. then why not a DAUGHTER????

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