Thursday, April 26, 2012

Don’t ever ignore true love.

A boy truly falls in love with the girl. But the girl is always hated him. One day he said that he will make changes her fall in love with him. So he decides to stand in front of her home until after those 100th days continuously. Storm and heavy rain came but he didn’t progress and stay here only. After seeing that girl started fall in love with him seriously on 99th day. So she determined to propose him she also fallen in love with him. Sun raise of 100th day the girl come out to propose but he wasn’t here. At that place she saw a letter written by him. He was written “Sit home and you will stay for another true lover. And I enclose fallen in love with your next door Neighbor.
Moral: Don’t ever ignore true love. if that love slips from your hand another one ready to getting it. So care your true lovable one still when you have getting that chance.

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