Types of love

In modern society love had been given various names. An attempt to lay down different type of love in Psychology has been made in this expose. EROS, STORGE, PRAGMA, AGAPE, LUDUS and MANIA are six different types of love that are well know by passion and intention of how we love some one……..

EROS The Zealous love

I don’t know but this is important evident form of love. In our day to life we have knowledge able on our precious life at someone or some other.  Eros is a kind of love which desire physical attraction, physical appearance and romance are main peak of that kinds of love. That type of love mostly erotic feelings and higher levels of excitement and physical relationship. Physical attraction know how to be at peak but in the long run life, that became darken due to important of physical aspects of the relationship. People one who love this manner they are very charged up and about their relationship originally but it fake as time pass.

STORGE An emotional bond of love
The familial love, we have some knowledge in our life that means love of our parents and siblings and neighbors are making up storge love. It is wonderful are of life with know-how to family bonding and blessed are the people who have families. A mother and a baby share an incredible love that preserve be read in their eyes.  A deep and long-lasting affection is amazing that comes from only deep family affairs. Storge love is heartfelt on structure sympathetic, caring, and emotional bonding with the couple.

PRAGMA Want should be bottom Love
In the midst of different types of love, Pragma love attention to desires and wishes, educational qualifications, professions, earnings and status possessions of the respective partner. Desire and wishes is main core in this type of love. But everything perfect to the partners wants; he or she give the impressing to be fulfilled with the partner.

AGAPE The heavenly love
This is may be the most heavenly and highest peak level of love. Understanding is the main core and to involve a feeling heart. Agape is one the different types of live in Greek. It is considered to be purest form of love.  It is heartens feeling and loving for each other. In reality it is precisely what all religions have been trying to teach us in the heavenly world.

LUDUS The excited love

Enthusiastically one who has susceptible of life shape in dreamy relationships for some time and provide it’s positive, later than most important to delightful of excitement and enjoyment is over is said to be  Ludus love. Ludus lover does not exertion for long term commitments but but short term purposes and intentions.

MANIA  Passionate love

It is the most horrible type of love and as the name suggests. It is full of insecurity, mania, jealousy and other extreme reaction like fascination, compulsion and excessive.

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