Thursday, August 2, 2012

Most wonderful & powerful four letters word

Love is four letters word
It bunches more supremacy than any have heard?
Love can turn a glower into smile ,
And it makes our day more meaningful!
Love never fails and it never exhausts,
Makes more warm that many flames!
Love makes us prickle and walk on air,
Help us do things we couldn’t dare!
Love is a dream and delightful vision,
But it is also have precious life and realism!
Love know how to fly us up so sky-scraping,
Fall us low when it says goodbye!
Love is incredible and mysterious force,
But one we want to keep of course!
Love is don’t want live alone without,
Once it’s absent we will displeasure!
Love can go and return,
Before it better you will learn!
Love is perfect and right,
It may come along any day or any time!
YES Love is more than a four letter word,
It is the
most wonderful word you have heard!!!!!!!!!

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