Friday, August 10, 2012

letter to my love

Dear love.......
        Is that you? I see that gossip symbols and intellect of your presence with me always. I feel that happiness, laughter, joy, affection and excitement when you are with me. And I want to close with you more and more.  You are such as magnificent and mysterious creature in the world. You are arrive very quite without warming form out the clear blue sky, and entered in my heart suddenly and wordlessly. I hold and lock up you in my heart. Why do you hit at the door of my heart severe to be let in? After you enter in to my life you promise everything to be achieved and entry in my strong hold, strengthening my memory and speeding up my beats. Now you are with me always and  i feel that pain and love forever. When you are with me all the moments are cute and lovable memorable moments ……..! Thanks for adding beauty in my life with your true love!

With lots of love....
 Your love.

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