Monday, April 9, 2012

Love Your parents

Pencil told sorry to Eraser 
Eraser replied to pencil for what reason you have told sorry to me you did any error dear?
Pencil replied to Eraser no dear I have told sorry to you because you find hold ruin when I do mistakes. When I did mistake you always erase that mistakes and your also lose a part of yourself also. After that you getting smaller and smaller each time when I did mistake.
Eraser replied yes dear! It’s really true doing in reality mind. I have created for purpose of help you whenever you like you do a little mistake. Still however one day I gone I know that and you will be restoring me with getting new one.  I am really happy and pleasure with my work. So please stop worrying about me and I revulsion to see you looking gloomy. 

In this story conversation between pencil and eraser both are inspirational to all.  Like this story ouparents are eraser when their children are pencil when they doing errors they will fade away children errors. From time to time close the way to guide children and wipe out their errors. Parents get distress they become older and finally leave behind on. Nevertheless after their children will be conclude to find someone new that means married and new life with Spouse.  But parents are still happy and enjoying with what they did for their children. Always hate seeing their loved children looking worry about something. 
All my entire life I comprise the pencil and it caution me to see the eraser that my parents getting older each and every day. I well know with the purpose of one day all that I am left with possibly will be eraser splinter and reminiscences of what I worn to enclose.
“No one has known the love of their parents for us until they have become parents”

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