Tuesday, November 6, 2012

too love but its too late

The guy admired a girl and she is working in a musical shop. Every day the guy going to that musical shop and  buy a CD just wish for to see that girl. He felt very happy when that girl smiled and looked at him. Behind a few days the girl also admired with that guy, but she is waiting for that guy proposal. After some days the guy didn’t visit musical shop and that girl felt lonely and she didn’t identify what happened for him. Later she deliberates to go the guy home. After reaching his home she was mystified why there was a funeral?? She detected that picture on the table …. After that she was speech less and breathless. Finally she found that the guy was died due to brain cancer. She was crying whole day and night. One day that guy mother took that girl on guy room. She cried loudly while she seeing all the CD’s left not opened as she kept her love letter for him inside that all CD.
MORAL: Men are not mind readers…… bear that on your mind!!

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