Friday, November 2, 2012

Fall in love with you

I can proud myself when you are with me.
When you proposed your love with me,
It makes me feel better and I never felt like that before.
I can share each and every things with you.
Our endless faiths keep our love flame live long.
Both we make a magic to live our life made for each other.
We are perfect match and fill my life with your love.
You make me the best and never give up on me,
Keeps hold me in your heart where ever when you go.
When I am look at you, my heart always misses a beat.
You are only holds that key to my heart.
You always fulfill my needs and what I need hear,
You are showing meaning of true love with your kindness.
You are everything to me in my life.
When I saw your eyes, I can see your heart.
You love is only for me,
And it is valuable key to take out my sadness.
I love to wake up when you are my side... It makes my days perfect.
When I am alone, you make to feel you are always with me.
I love that cute feeling when your hands hug me.
I love the way you keep yourself cool when I did something dim.
When you are with me I can dare the whole world.
I love the manner; you scrap up with me behind a noisy clash.
That’s the root your kindness causes……
I have fall in love with you.

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