Tuesday, December 20, 2011

If you looking better one you will missed your lovable one

A girl and boy are sitting in this wheat field talking about something for long time. After few hours the boy asked “what is love”? The girl replied to that boy please go to wheat field and choose the best and large wheat after that u will back. But one condition once you can go from beginning to end and you can’t turn back to pick. The boy agrees that condition and went to the field, go away through first row he saw big size wheat at that same time he wonders…. Possibly there is a bigger one afterward. After that he saw a one bigger one…. But he believe possible there is even bigger one size wheat waiting for him. Soon after he finished more than partially of wheat field, he found to become conscious that the wheat is not big as the earlier one which one he saw, he make out he had missed the biggest one and he felt disappointed. So he ruined and came back with empty hand.

The girl replied him this love… If you keep looking for a better one later you will understand you have a previously missed your lovable one!!!!!

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