Friday, December 2, 2011

You're like a dream

You're like a dream, heaven found in the blue seas.
You took my hand, and shared with me What I could not see.
You took my hand, and showed me what life should be.
You're like a dream, wind waving in the green trees.

You're like the rain, embracing the world with a gentle.
You gave me your heart, when I could not give much.
You gave me your heart,when I could only offer tears and such.
You're like the rain, awakening the flowers from their slumbering slouch.

You're like the wind, Echoing waves across stormy waters.
You showed me hope, When I felt so much smaller.
You showed me hope, When the pieces wouldn't fit together.
You're like the wind, Soothing as morning dew in the summer.

You're like heaven, So enticing in golden honor.
You loved me, Even when I was a fallen solider
You loved me, Even when my words were as harsh as armor
You're like heaven, delivering dreams to all the dreamers.

You're like a dream . . .

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