Friday, October 12, 2012

Endless love

Sometimes we quarreled without any silly reasons,
But I don’t know why we did like this??
After that quarrel I felt alone and I miss you lot….
And I am getting tears in my eyes….
 And felt pain in my heart, because I love you.
I weeping because I miss you and I miss your love.
And I feel always our love is so more valuable in the world
Sometimes I am scare I will twirl around and you won’t be present.
I think about you each and every seconds and miss u all day,
Still I love you more after that quarrel,
I know wonders of that you have also too much love with me…
And I see that true love in your lovely eyes.
 When I say something wrong or do any little funny things,
Please don’t feel fight is right, let’s try efforts to solve that quarrel.
Some people relationships are broken for silly reasons,
It’s sad to hear but in real that is true.
 But I don’t want break our true love with you dear.
I want our love to be completely fulfilled from our hearts without endless!!!!!!

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