Saturday, September 29, 2012

I Miss You

I miss you lot, no more words I can’t say
How I am miss you in my life!
I think about you each and every second,
I am getting tears in my eyes every day at night,
Because I miss the way we scrape and making some funny.
I plead for you each and every day,
Because I miss you lot  and you aren't living being from my sight.
I am really missing your sweet voice,
That’s why I am terrible worn-out to avoid all this noises.
I miss to look your beautiful face with full of love in your eyes,
That makes me smile with a grace in my life.
I love you too much so I can’t rebuff,
When I see you my heart break down and my eyes weeping.
When I getting tears I feel happy,
After that I don’t any more fears and tears in my life.
I will take back you in my heart by proposing with my love,
That will make to my life happy with your love.
Oh dear how I miss you so much …… just feel my love !!

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