Monday, May 14, 2012

Love your mother before you feel it too late

One and only God you can see and believe!
She was always there with you  when you cried,
When you are a babyhood,
You happen growing!
She jumped with joy and happy,
When you initial stand up
On your loving feet,   
You are growing with confident and charm!
She celebrated with happiness    
On your first birthday,
You ate that cake and sweets!
She gave you sweets and chocolates ,
On your first day to school,
And you enjoyed with her whole!
She bought a new dress for you,
Instead of saree   for herself,
You showed off to your friends with pleasure!
She took you to doctor,
When you are felt ill,
For take care of your health!
She quarreled with her friends,
When you against with her  friends kid,
Try to prove you innocent and gave up her friend,
You cared less for her loss!
She gave you her own savings money,
To buy your new vehicle,
You have ride with pleasant and joyfully!
She prepared your favorite breakfast,
On your first day office,
You became Self-determining !
She waited at the door in home
On your first day salary,
Only to seek God blessings you always,
But You before now celebrated with your friends!
She blessed your love marriage,
When you came married,
You shared your love with your life partner!
Still she is old and lonely,
Always thinking about your future.
Remember that that entire life she gave it to you!
So everyone show your love to your lovable mom before you feel is too late!

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